Resource block allocations in LTE Networks


The code given in this webpage corresponds to the one used in the following article:

Anthony Busson, Iyad Lahsen-Cherif. Impact of Resource Blocks Allocation Strategies on Downlink Interference and SIR Distributions in LTE Networks: A Stochastic Geometry Approach. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 2018.

The simulator (here) simulates the stochastic geometry model proposed in the article. It generates samples of interference and sinr for different allocation strategies. These samples can then be imported in a mathematical software (matlab for instance) to obtain statitics. The output is composed of 2 columns printed in the standard output. The first column gives interference samples and the second column sinr samples. The number of printed samples is given on the error output.

The software has been coded for Linux. It has not been tested with windows (but can potentially works).

On Linux, you can compile it:

prompt$ gcc main.c -o simulator

or use the Makefile:

prompt$ make

Use the -h option to print the options:

prompt: ./simulator -h

Usage:./simulator strategy Delta NBOFRB nbOfSamples distUserBS(in meters) intensity
strategy: 1-MMRB 2-thinning 3-Delta 4-heuristic
distUserBS: if <=0.0 this distance is drawn randomly (under Palm) otherwise it is set to the given distance.

For instance, if you want 10 samples of interference and sinr for the M/M/RB_{max} allocation strategy with a reuse factor of 3 (Delta), 15 RBs, an intensity of eNodeB of 2.25 and a distance of 40 meters between the typical user and its attached eNodeB, use the following command:

prompt$ ./simulator 1 3 15 10 40 2.25
4.978634e-12 4.903394e+04
1.531603e-11 1.593898e+04
3.063513e-12 7.968694e+04
1.740384e-11 1.402690e+04
4.876743e-12 5.005842e+04
4.922492e-12 4.959318e+04
8.510211e-12 2.868578e+04
3.531843e-11 6.912029e+03
5.540685e-12 4.405990e+04
1.818862e-10 1.342169e+03

If you want to save the samples in a file myFile.dat, type the following command:

prompt$ ./simulator 1 3 15 10 40 2.25 > myFile.dat